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Katrina-"Anchor Baby Boom" in Lousiana; Guest Writer Tells About Surgery and Computers

We've got a Katrina update. Since this hurricane I've been tracking all the politics of the storm and now the wobbly recovery of that hapless city.

There's a baby boom because of Katrina although it's mostly "anchor babies".

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Let us update just what’s going on here.

About two or three days after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf states, about the time cannibalism was running rampant in New Orleans’ Superdome and citizens were left to die on rooftops, heh, I began documenting the aftermath of the hurricane.

It’s been almost a year and a half and I continue to keep track of how New Orleans and Louisiana are faring because like the hysterical ancient Media is wont to do, they had absolutely nothing right.

Also, Hurricane Katrina continues to be pinned onto President Bush when it was the local government who failed so miserably. Thus, what with all the caterwauling about abandonment and goodness knows Bush has no problem whatsoever throwing money at a problem, I still keep track of how it is going in New Orleans now that the flood waters have receded and taxpayer bucks have been bestowed upon the wise leaders of Louisiana.

See, I do this for Kaitlyn. For history has already been re-written what with that 9-11 Omission Commission and other liberal lies. So whatever the unionized public school teachers manage to have put into the history books about Hurricane Katrina, know that Grandmother will have it all documented right here on this Blog. It’s Hurricane Katrina…soup to nuts.

Cops Charged With Murder For Bridge Shootings

Kaitlyn, this shooting at a bridge where people were waiting for rescue was at first, of course, blamed on President Bush.

No one failed more miserably in the aftermath of Katrina that the New Orleans police. Already well known for being corrupt, the NO police failed to show up on the job after the hurricane and indeed many became looters their own selves.

This bridge incident was more of a failure to act responsibly but note that the cops who did the shooting have been charged with murder.

From Hot
At the time we heard about lawless mobs shooting at rescue helicopters on the Danziger bridge. Then the description of the Danziger bridge “gunfight” dialed back a bit. These “rioters”, although charged with attempted murder, were cleared by a grand jury.

And now, seven New Orleans policemen are charged with first-degree murder over the Danziger bridge shootings. Six people were shot there, two fatally.

It’s 2007 and New Orleans Experiencing Major Crime Wave

One of the biggest problems NO faces after Hurricane Katrina, Kaitlyn, is the failure of its many citizens to even bother coming back. But hey, they re-elected Mayor Naginhead and you get what you elect. This man left those same citizens to drown as school buses sat unused and flooded as the levees broke.

Much of the few who returned or stayed in New Orleans are criminals, pure and simple.

NEW ORLEANS - With at least eight slayings in the city in the first week of the new year, officials are considering a curfew to help stem the violence, the police superintendent said Saturday.

"It's something we're just sort of talking about, to see if that will make a difference," police Superintendent Warren Riley said.

Mayor Ray Nagin, meanwhile, urged residents not to leave the city, still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, because of the recent killings. He said the slayings could be a tipping point that "galvanizes our community" to find solutions.

Barney Frank Mumbles On About Katrina

We can’t understand the man either, Kaitlyn, but Frank is a Massachusetts liberal and in the below video he’s going on and on about Katrina and, as always, he makes no sense at all.

Baby Boom in New Orleans

Problem is, the babies are “anchor babies”, those bundles of joy born to illegal immigrants that-if born in American-guarantee their parents citizenship.

The large increase in babies being born to immigrants in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is putting maternity hospitals in that city under strain, The New York Times has reported.

Hundreds of babies are being born to Latino immigrant workers, who flocked to the city to work during the reconstruction. “The throng of babies gurgling in the handful of operational maternity wards here has come as a big surprise — and a financial strain — to this historically black and white city, which before the hurricane had only a small Latino community and virtually no experience of illegal immigration,” according to the report.

Because many immigrant mothers cannot afford to pay for prenatal care or delivery services, New Orleans’s newest citizens are adding an unexpected load to the decimated health infrastructure in a city abandoned by many of its doctors after the hurricane.

I predict, Kaitlyn, that by the time you read this, the demographic of New Orleans will have changed drastically. It was, before Katrina, a predominantly African-American city with French-Catholic roots.

With the influx of illegals into NO to help with the tremendous amount of construction and rebuilding work to done, New Orleans will morph into an enclave of Spanish-Americans and I doubt the Mardi Gras will ever be the same.

Proof My Theory Above Is Already Underway

New Orleans and its famed French quarter will never be the same. Bank on this and know that by the time Kaitlyn reads this, she will likely never have known a New Orleans renown for its Mardi Gras and charming with its French Quarter and history.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The hookers are back on Bourbon Street. So are the drug dealers, the strippers with names like Rose and Desire, the out-of-town businessmen, the college students getting blitzed on candy-colored cocktails and beer in plastic cups.

But a closer look reveals things are not back to the way they were in the French Quarter. Sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans' liveliest, most exuberant neighborhood is in a funk.

"The money's not the same. I remember when I made $1,200 a night," said Elizabeth Johnson, a manager and dancer at a Bourbon Street strip club, frowning at another slow night. "I know girls who used to never let people touch them, and now they're resorting to prostitution."

Robert Boudreaux, a beefy hotel bellman in an olive green vest, scanned the street with folded arms and said: "Very boring."

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