Monday, November 5, 2007

Katrina-Louisiana Elects REPUBLICAN Governor! TV-"Friday Night Lights" & "The Next Great American Band"

We've got a good news Katrina update! For Louisiana just elected a new Governor and he's very conservative!

As you might know, since the day of this storm I've been keeping a diary for granddaughter Kaitlyn that she hear the truth about how it all came down.

Two TV reviews-both airing on Friday nights. We've got "Friday Night Lights" and Fox's "The Next Great American Band"...a surprisingly entertaining and brutally real contest.

As always, with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day
Republican Bobby Jindal Wins Governorship of Louisiana

Below this narrative is a list of links I’ve compiled about Hurricane Katrina and how corrupt government brought down a great American city. There is also an explanation of my logic but for now, I direct my commentary to sweet granddaughter Kaitlyn, who will someday read grandmother’s Blog as alternate to the history books that will no doubt be filled with lies.

So Kaitlyn, in October 2007 in this year of our Lord, Louisiana began a positive climb back to pride and self-sufficiency. For Louisiana now has a very conservative Governor. The Governor during the disaster known as Hurricane Katrina, Kathleen Blanco, is no more. The citizens of that state kicked her failing behind out the door.

I’ve been lamenting the lack of pride of Louisianans who keep electing Democrats that would keep abusing them. Well no more sweet granddaughter.


Today is not a good day for Republicans. It is, but it isn't really. Today is instead a good day for Louisiana and for this country. If a state like Louisiana can overcome its legacies and histories and vote for a guy named Jindal of East Indian heritage and make him the Governor of Huey Long's populist-socialist mecca, this nation can overcome anything.

I’d also like to take a moment to inform you of another serious natural disaster that hit the state of California, also in the month of October 2007. That state was hit was a series of fires that caused over 50,000 to evacuate their homes and the burning of an estimated 1,500 houses.

The Governor of California at this time is a Republican. The state of California weathered this natural disaster in fine fashion. Lazy people who did not heed the warning to evacuate did not have to be rescued from roof tops. Criminal politicians did not abscond with National Guard Trucks to recover illegally gotten cash. Stadiums were peaceful places filled with anxious but content evacuees. The Democrats, besides nut case Barbara Boxer, were not out and screaming that the fires were all Bush’s fault. FEMA came right behind local evacuations and was not expected to save lives as a first responder. The Governator was at Qualcomm stadium consulting with the evacuees and regularly talked to the nation, assuring California that recovery would begin soon and life would return to normal.

Political cartoon California's Qualcom not the LA Astrodome

The contrast of the California fires to Katrina was remarkable in the difference in leadership. Remember this sweet Kaitlyn when you might think of casting your precious vote for a liberal.

Finally, Kaitlyn, we have this, from the
Scientists have made a breakthrough in man's desire to control the forces of nature – unveiling plans to weaken hurricanes and steer them off course, to prevent tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina.

Wow, this is scary. I can see it now, humans batting hurricanes around all over the planet like they were big ping-pong balls. Just who would decide where to send a hurricane, I would ask? The United Nations? You say they should just knock it out to sea? You don’t think some Jihadist might think slamming hurricanes into the American mainland wouldn’t be great fun?

Someday, perhaps when you grow up Kaitlyn, human beings MIGHT be able to control the weather. I will never say never.

But I doubt it, Kaitlyn. Some things are way bigger than our puny human selves.
Since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005 I've been keeping a separate series of the effects of the hurricane, the politics of it, the ongoing attempts to bring flooded New Orleans back to normalcy.

I documented it all from the day of the hurricane on through today. My posts are directed straight at Kaitlyn although at the time of the hurricane Kaitlyn was but a year old. It is my hope that someday Kaitlyn read the links and commentary provided to her by Grandmother that the teachers of her era do not deceive via the carefully edited school books the liberals might write about the disgrace of a city and state so corrupt that it couldn't even save its own citizens.

Below a list of the many posts on Katrina gathered and compiled for Kaitlyn since September of 2005 through to the present time.

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