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Price is Right Offers Trip to New Orleans as Prize
Well they said the show was taped way before the horror of Hurricane Katrina and tis probably so.

Still, on the show’s “Big Showcase Showdown” one of the grand prizes was, we’re not making this up, a trip to New Orleans and a speedboat.

We understand the boat, however.

The show aired on Thursday, September 8, 2005. It’s been a laughing stock ever since.

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The Heartbreak of the Pets
Of all the tragedy associated with Hurricane Katrina, Kaitlyn, it is the helpless and innocent pets that most break Grandmother’s heart.

Believe it or not, but the first thing I thought when mandatory evacuation was issued for New Orleans was ‘what about the pets?’

As it has turned out sweet Granddaughter, it turned out that people’s pets were a big issue in Katrina’s aftermath and the re-location of so many evacuees.

The most heartbreaking sight I saw of all the pics crossing my TV screen was a man who had been a holdout from evacuation. He wouldn’t leave because they wouldn’t let him take his dog.

This was the case so many times, Kaitlyn, and I daresay it is a factor the locals and/or Feds should sit down and think about when they plan their next failed or unadhered to evacuation plan.

No one’s going to leave their helpless dog or cat behind.

As it turned out, not all of New Orleans was flooded. Some homes were very dry and un-damaged by the hurricane. Thus many people did not want to follow the mandatory evacuation that was ordered AFTER the hurricane and the flood.

One such man finally agreed even though they would not let him take his dog. However, his dog was put into a crate and the man was promised that his dog would be taken care of.

The man said goodbye to his dog and went over to his pickup truck. Then he put his head in his arms and sobbed.

He sobbed and sobbed and as I watched his heaving shoulders I sobbed with him.

I was watching heartbreak.

Our own pets would be WITH us. Dog with brown nose is Cleetus. Black-nosed dog is Jo-Ann. Posted by Hello

This was the case everywhere.

Oddly, the people rescued immediately after the storm by the Coast Guard often had their pets with them as they sat on roof tops awaiting a trip up to the rescue helicoptor by a basket on a winch. THEY were allowed to take their pets.

Although these people were dropped off on a ramp off of the Interstate so why not take their pets?

Husband and I agreed that as our form of help to victims of the hurricane we will house, love, feed and shelter one cat and one dog of the hurricane victims. Doubtful we will be taken up on our offer in that we are so far away. Still, it’s out there.

If The Wise I had advice to give to the folks planning for such events in the future, I would say make provisions for the PETS.

Most people are NOT going to leave their pets behind. To die? To Starve? To roam aimlessly until death gives them peace?

Not going to happen.

People who refused to leave because of their pets have not, as of yet, been forced to leave without their pet. It seems that some groups have started a rescue of homeless pets left behind and perhaps arrangements have been made. Witness the heartbroken man in the pickup truck who did finally leave once he knew his pet would be taken care of.

It’s not a small matter.

I don’t have the statistics but I’d wager that very few people just left their pets behind.

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