Thursday, September 15, 2005

"Katrina for Kaitlyn"-Grandmother Faces Ophelia; Guest Writer-On Acting; Pic of the Week

Hurricane Heading Toward Grandmother

On the very day yon readers may be reading this missive, readers from across the fruited plain, indeed readers from around the world, Grandmother herself will be experiencing the effects of a hurricane.

If not being smack dab in the eyeball of Hurricane Ophelia.

As this is written the news reports continue reporting on this hurricane. The weather gurus seem not to know where the hell this thing is going but every time I look at the colorful weather maps the thing gets closer and closer to Delaware.

The tip of North Carolina often protects Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware from hurricanes. Which means that North Carolina gets hit more than the above states, heh.

In fact, as of this writing, the Governor of North Carolina has declared mandatory evacuation of some of the barrier islands off the coast of that state. AND has declared a state of emergency although some would argue this is an over-reaction.

Ophelia is now a category 1 hurricane but let us not forget that Katrina was a category 1 when it hit Florida and still seven people were killed in that state.

This brings the issue of Grandmother’s hurricane evacuation plan.

Everyone living on the Atlantic coast should have a hurricane evacuation plan, Kaitlyn Mae. Make sure you have one.

Your mother, she might not have one as she’s not as organized as Grandmother. For such words she will probably not talk to me for a month and send me nasty email but hey, let’s not go there.

Husband and I discussed our hurricane evacuation plan in light of Hurricane Katrina. We have, since moving to Delaware, had one hurricane scare by the name of Isabella.

We were new here to Delaware and, oddly, we also owned a home in Baltimore. As the hurricane honed in, we discussed the possibility of leaving.

Isabella, like Ophelia, was headed towards North Carolina. We discussed what we would do if a mandatory evacuation order went into effect. Husband declared he was going nowhere no matter what the state says. This when we had another house to evacuate to which we have no more.

In no way would either of us leave our pets.

This past week, stubborn husband now acquiesces that should the government issue a mandatory evacuation order we would, in fact, evacuate.

So we came up with a plan.

It’s not beyond the pale that Grandmother’s own home could be flooded by a storm surge, sweet Granddaughter, as we live only eight miles from the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Not likely, I’d argue, but could be, could be. The storm surge from Hurricane Katrina went inland ten miles.

Our plan is to be prepared for a hurricane and ready to go. Indeed there are evacuation routes right outside Grandmother’s door almost. Ways OUT and far from the ocean.

We will pack the Jeep and husband’s little car with as much as we can take. We will also pack up all of our pets.

We will then head to western Pennsylvania, somewhere around York, PA. Lots of hotels take pets but if not, we’ll find a kennel for them. We will NOT leave them behind.

We will hole up in the hotel and if our home is not flooded out, will head back home.

If the worst happens and Grandmother’s home is devastated like those in Mississippi and New Orleans, husband and I will both head to Massachusetts.

Why Massachusetts?

Not that I’m crazy about it what with all those liberals up there. But husband’s family all live in Massachusetts and when all is said and done, Kaitlyn, we have to fall back on our family.

I can’t depend on my family as they are all located near me and would likely be making their own plans. Don’t worry, Kaitlyn, I will take you, even your mother and father, with me if need be.

Hurricanes do hit Massachusetts, Kaitlyn, but I’m banking on the fact that if a hurricane hit us in Delaware it would likely not have the same impact on Massachusetts, if any at all.

Then, Kaitlyn Mae, well I guess we’d have to start all over again.

Don’t worry though. We WON’T be starting all over again in Massachusetts.

Likely we’d have to kennel our pets up north but we’d do that.

Anyway, just so yon Granddaughter and yon readers know with all this wit and wisdom about Hurricane Katrina, Grandmother has been there and done that.

Now, we have a plan.

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