Thursday, September 22, 2005

Katrina for Kaitlyn-What Will Become of New Orleans?; Pic of Week; Blast from Past-May 2005

The Truth Slowly Comes Out:


As a result of the glare on Louisiana and the ignored warnings, many localities are looking at their own preparedness for a local emergency.

And they aren’t liking what they are finding.

Here’s an update. There is ANOTHER hurricane looming in the Gulf of Mexico. Her name is Rita. It is expected that Rita will become a Cat 3 or stronger and as of this writing on 9/20/05 in this year of our Lord, is it scheduled to hit Houston this coming Saturday 9/24/05.

A lot of the evacuees from New Orleans were moved to Houston.

We’ll see how Houston handles the storm.
Texas has spent more than $1.4 billion in homeland security money on an effort that was supposed to make people safer, but the program has devolved into a massive spending spree undertaken with inadequate planning, coordination or accountability.

The result: cities and counties remain exposed in crucial areas. For example, the state has spent $41 million on communications gear, yet many communities still can't radio one another in an emergency.

Also, as a result of the new hurricane threat, Mayor Nagin of New Orleans has issued ANOTHER mandatory evacuation order. This time to the people he urged to come back that he may keep his power and status. A city with no people does not need a mayor, right?
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Governor Blanco’s Only Decision During Chaos of Katrina

Pitiful Louisiana Governor, Blanco, couldn’t make a decision during the chaos leading up to, and after, the hurricane.

She told the President of the United States that she needed 24 hours to “think about it”.

What she COULD do is call up Clinton’s FEMA head, James Lee Witt, and hire him as a consultant.

Forget the National Guard, forget the poor people in the Superdome with no food, water or protection, forget those dangerous and weakening levees.

What Louisiana REALLY needed during Hurricane Katrina was a Democratic operative to help with the spin. And so Governor Blanco hired one.

It’s ugly, Kaitlyn. What those nepotistic Democrats did to that state is a sin in the Eyes of God.

Washington Post Reveals Blanco’s New Employee.
Should New Orleans Be Rebuilt?
I don’t know if there will be a city called New Orleans when you grow up, Kaitlyn. Though I suspect there will be. I also suspect it will be basically a tourist type of affair. The famous Mardi Gras will likely continue.

Beyond that, no one’s going to rebuild ghettos. Which comprised almost 25% of the city. Remember this, Kaitlyn. Because in your day New Orleans will be a tourist area and not much more.

Read your grandmother’s words and know that the city once was a bustling port but also a cesspool of poverty. Citizens were kept in poverty that they may be bused once every four years to the polls to vote for the latest and greatest Democratic hypocrites.

Oh yea, did I tell you? Seems Senator Landreau was able to bus over 160,000 people to the polls during her senatorial campaign.

Yet they let the buses sit, unused and destroyed, rather than use them to evacuate.

Below is a link to an article that needs to be read in its entirety. It’s the best analysis of where the drowned city should go after Katrina.

Blogger Maintains Katrina Timeline

Providing a link only in that a Blogger has created and is maintaining a timeline of all Katrina activities.

Lest your history books tell you different, Kaitlyn Mae.

Blogger Maintains Katrina Timeline


First Katrina/Kaitlyn post-the Beginning-9/6/05

9/7/05-H urricane Folklore/Wisdom and Nastiness

9/12/05-Hillary's "Katrina Kommission" and the Debacle of the Debit cards

9/14/05-FEMA Email; Dumb, blond Louisiana Senators

9/15/05-Ophelia and Grandmother

9/16/05-Katrina and the Helpless Pets

Stop Blaming FEMA-a pictorial explanation

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Made This Pic Myself

It has nothing to due with Katrina and nothing to do with Roberts.

Still, what with all the Bush bashing going on lately, I thought it worth a look back in time to remember our former President.

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More pics of week HERE

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From May 30, 2005

Copied exactly as posted on that date.

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Hammid Karzai, that dashing man in the brocade cape, paid a visit to the US this week. Poppies, of all things, were greatly discussed during this visit.

Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine, also paid a visit to America this week. President Bush announced one thing about Israel while Mr. Abbas came out with a
whole nother story.

The Democrats promised not to filibuster but on the following day?

They filibustered John Bolton!
Why did the Supreme Court get involved with fashion?

And the Supremes will soon be deciding how we handle our children’s health.
Remember Fallujah?
Jay Leno testifies in the Michael Jackson case.

The Defense Rests in the Michael Jackson Case.

Man Comes Up With Odd Way to Elude Police

Runaway Bride Indicted.

Summary of Idaho Murders.

Update on Idaho Murders.

Police Believe Children Alive.


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