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The Mind Still Boggles


It's now two weeks after the storm Katrina, sweet Granddaughter. I posted a picture below that should Hillary Clinton someday be your President, you get some idea of how her mind works.

The latest debacle in the Katrina recovery is the saga of the debit cards.

Oh. The head of FEMA apparently has been fired. More on this later.

The debit cards are a joke. I hope that's why Brown, the head of FEMA and responsible for the entire hurricane, global warming, constipation and maybe the extinction of the passenger pigeon., got fired.

At least to hear the Democrats tell it. That political party whose New Orleans mayor left buses to be ruined rather than used for evacuation. That same political party with a Governor of Louisiana who declared the Sunday before the hurricane as a "day of prayer:.

Anyway, it was announced that debit cards in the amount of $2,000 to victims of the hurricane and./or the flood.

Give away money. That's the ticket. Below, a tidbit about where some of this money is being spent.
NY Daily News:
Profiteering ghouls have been using debit cards distributed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina - intended to buy essentials for evacuated families - in luxury-goods stores as far away as Atlanta. ''We've seen three of the cards,'' said a senior employee of the Louis Vuitton store at the Lenox Square Mall in affluent Buckhead

This is supposedly a FEMA operation although at the same time the Red Cross is giving out debit cards worth $300.

So there's long lines of people in Texas, the state that happily took the many poor people that Louisiana left to die. Those evacuees are expecting money and...well, there's some confusion.

FEMA, which is the Federal Emergency Management Agency in case it doesn't exist in your day, Kaitlyn, announced that no debit cards will be distributed. Instead, checks or direct deposits will be made to evacuees needing money.

This makes sense in that there will likely be a record somewhere of people who were getting public assistance. It should be small matter to give them a check or direct deposit as they were getting before the hurricane.

To just give away $2,000?

This is perhaps why that Brown fellow was fired, although as of now he's not technically fired, just removed back to DC.


It's all a mess, Kaitlyn, imagine a government bureaucracy being slow and cumbersome. This surprises people?

For the past week I have heard nothing but caterwauling about this head of FEMA although the mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana should be in jail for their criminal neglect.

Still I do not understand what Brown did wrong. It would seem, as the many news reports state, that the man padded his resume.

Well this is something never done before either!

It seems more and more that the authorities in Louisiana had every intention of laying this all on the federal government.

We've got eyeballs out here in la-la land, Kaitlyn. We see the hundreds of school buses left to flood in ruin while the Mayor of New Orleans wailed across the radio to send buses, send buses from all across the country.

Please remember this, Kaitlyn, when Hillary formulates a new "Katrina Kommission". If it's anything like that 9-11 Ommission-Commission, members of the commission would include Mayor Nagin of New Orleans and Governor Blanco of Louisiana.

Much easier to cover your tracks when you're part of the committee doing the investigating.

It's the Clinton way.

Tomorrow Kaitlyn, we will discuss the tragedy of the pets in all of this.

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